Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sage marriage advice

 Appalachian Gap. No pictures of Lincoln Gap, my camera wouldn't work because it was too steep.

I've been a delinquent here, but I've been doing worthwhile things out in the real world. I rode that Six Gaps thing in Vermont. It was a lot of work. I should have had some compact cranks. I failed miserably at the Tour de Glover this year with a triple flat.

I also received some sage metaphorical advice from Dario in light of my happily changed circumstances that I feel strongly about sharing with the world despite not receiving any consent from him to do so:

In marriage, you want to go "expedition" speed. You don't want to race. You're in it for the long haul. That said, I don't recommend a fat bike, even though there will be some rough patches. Your old Diamondback should work just fine. Keep it in the middle ring and keep the small ring on because there will definitely be some steep climbs. At some point in the marriage, you either go fixed or single speed most of the time.



Interstatement said...

Re: "Go fixed," Did Dario tell you to get a vasectomy?

Not sure how far to take the metaphor.

dario said...

You can go way farther. For example, "Pull out the 53 tooth chain ring every now and again to remind yourself of your rambunctious youth."

Steady now.

Brendan said...

Make sure that the tire label and valve stem line up = don't leave the toilet seat up.

Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy. But, cycling is a pretty self involved thing. An 'expedition' requires empathy and true partnership with someone else.