Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Hartford Criterium

Not in New Hartford,  in regular Hartford.

The Tim Johnson Ride on Washington rode through Hartford yesterday evening and this morning. Not holding it on Friday makes it difficult to join up with them for lots of people, but Salem met them out somewhere in the eastern part of the state and rode into Hartford with the group. Apparently, there have been lots of cool police escorts.

There was an evening event at the Hartford Bicycle Studio with free beer and some free food. While I miss doing it at Kenny's, because I like to go to Kenny's. I think the Studio is probably a more genre appropriate venue. Also, the beer here was free, so that was an improvement over the pay-for beer at Kenny's.

Additionally, it was announced that the Travlers' Criterium, which apparently was a big bike race that ceased to happen when I was three, is coming back to Hartford as part of Envisionfest this fall. I was hoping a big 'cross race was coming, because criterium racing doesn't do a lot for me (probably because I've never bought a road license). The smaller scale Downtown Criterium hasn't happened since '08 and I haven't got my shit together enough to ever do another 'cross race, so this is a pretty cool development. I mean, there aren't even alley cats in Hartford anymore. I guess bike racing in Hartford has really petered out. But, now it is returning with pros and everything.

Also, Johanna, Salem and I rode downtown together (which is news in and of itself) and saw an ATV beeing towed down Broad St. Was it being impounded? One can only hope.

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