Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Bees, Removing a Stinger

While spinning around with Brendan after work a couple Fridays ago, I managed to catch a stick between the ground and my shin.  Just minutes after rolling up my pants to enjoy the warm weather.  I realized that there was a sizable scratch, but kept on riding.  Later in the ride I realized the scratch hadn't stopped stinging.  A piece of the stick was embedded in my shin, stubbornly refusing to come back out.  Finished the ride with plans to deal with the wood chip later, but heading home would make me late for the Hartfolk Festival.  I stopped at a bench in Elizabeth Park and improvised with a flashlight clip and multi-tool to pry out the unwelcome hitchhiker.  Glad that shins are light on nerves and major blood vessels.

This is your heads up for upcoming awesomeness.  Its time to come out of your hives and put the tires back on the road (or dirt).  Beat Bike Blog is your source for the best bike buzz.  Go get some.  Ha!

  • Reveal the Path - Tuesday, April 16th.  7:30PM at the Wadsworth.
    • Happy hour socializing beforehand at Arch St Tavern.
    • $11 online, and $15 at the door.  This show is coming back because it sold out in February.
    • Part of the proceeds go to Bike Walk CT.
  • Trashion Fashion Show and After Party - Saturday, April 20th.  6PM at Hartford City Hall.
    • The theme is recycled couture.  Wear your duct tape pants and represent.  I built a couple of tree stumps to add to the cardboard forest that will be transforming Hartford City Hall.
    • acTrashion Fashion Show starts at ??.
    • After party, Welcome to Bohemia, is at the Hartford Bicycle Studio right next to Arch Street Tavern.
    • Tickets on sale now!  - If you get tix for both events, you save a couple bucks.
  • Tim Johnson's Ride on Washington - Wednesday, April 24th
    • Let's be welcoming as Tim Johnson and crew grace our state on the way to DC for some advocacy.
    • Reception for the cyclists at Hartford Bicycle Studio around 7PM on Wednesday.
    • The route - LINK.
  • Bike Walk Connecticut Summit - Saturday, April 27th
    • Want to help make things better and get up to speed on what's already in the works.  This is your chance.
  • The Detour - For those that prefer pain and pursuit of the bonk to engaging bike / ped advocacy seminars.  Salem is touting the Wee Tour for those that can't stomach the full 118 miles (1/2 road, 1/2 dirt)

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I am thinking about getting a road bike and love reading about others experiences about it. Great Post!