Monday, February 11, 2013

We need your voice!

Please contact your state representatives and let them know how you feel about these three bills currently under consideration.  I am particularly annoyed by the "Single File" bill that is being proposed.

Link to more information from Bike Walk Connecticut.

Take action! Complete this simple survey for you to share your thoughts on the 3 bike related bills being considered by CT legislature.

Three bills being considered by the Transportation Committee.

- Please SUPPORT the Vulnerable User bill, SB 191 (more)

- Please OPPOSE the single file rider bills, SB 103 and HB 5246 (more)

- Please SUPPORT funding for bike lanes and sidewalks in West Haven, HB 5126 (more).

And anyone looking to challenge the elements is invited to IceBike to Work this Friday (2/15) in East Hartford and downtown Hartford.  We will be at Maddies from 7-8am in East Hartford.  Downtown riders will meet at JoJo's from 7:30-8:30am.

1 comment:

Brendan said...

Why only in West Haven? What about East Hartford or Glastonbury or the entire state?