Wednesday, February 13, 2013

IceBike to Work and Stuff

I've been riding studded tires all week.  They sound funny and make me go slow.  I get over the slow going frustration by reasoning that I'm riding less over he winter and therefore my fitness level benefits from a little extra resistance.

Went out a couple times during and after the storm this weekend.  Was amazing.  Confused by neighbors who seem to have holed up in their apartments for the entire weekend.  When they tell the grandkids about the "Blizzard of '13", its going to be about how they sat on their butts and watched cable TV and spent endless hours posting pictures and commenting on Facebook photos of their hopelessly buried cars.  I just now whimsically wished it has snowed concrete.  That way we could start fresh.

On Friday, this Friday the 15th, there will be two IceBike to Work breakfast meetups in Hartford area.  One in East Hartford at Maddie's from 7-8AM, and the other in Hartford at JoJo's from 7:30-8:30AM.   It appears that some folks in cold places are trying to make February 15th the national day for promoting this sort of thing.  This month, let's talk about Bike to Work events.  Do they make a difference in the number of bicycle commuters?   Why doesn't Brendan like them?   

And if you haven't yet - you need to bother your state representative or senator to make sure this truly disheartening bill that requires single file riding doesn't go anywhere.  There is also a Vulnerable User bill that is goodness for pedestrians and cyclists.   Bike Walk CT has been pushing the Vulnerable User bill for several years now, and they think they will be able to get it through the wickets in 2013. 

The pictured bike is a 1971 Schwinn Traveler 3-Spd that I just built up.  Shiny.  All stock at this point although I'll probably replace the tires and saddle.  I just love getting my hands on old barn kept bikes in good condition.  Trying to decide if this become my daily beater, or if I sell it...


Anonymous said...

Love it, I like your concrete idea. A move to Hartford is in our future...enjoying learning a bit about biking in the city from your blog.

adventure! said...

Ooh, love that Traveler! Something about chrome fenders/chainguard and black frame. And it looks to be a Sturmey-Archer AW three speed hub, too. Before Schwinn switched to the dreaded Shimano "333" hub.

The big problem with that type of Schwinn is its odd wheel size. While they (Schwinn) label it as 26" x 1 3/8", it's an ISO 597 mm wheel, whereas the British 26" x 1 3/8" is 590. There is only one or two new tires currently available in 597, and they are low-end Kendas. If you aren't picky about tires, they're not bad, get the job done tires. But that's all you got.

Tony C said...

Yeah. Tires are the issue. We used to curse Schwinn specific tire sizes all the time when I volunteered at the bike co-op in Urbana.

Los Gamester - Writer said...

All by my lonesome at the Hartford IceBike event. .. guess it enforces my notion that I am a tough renegade

Saw some East Hartford commuters yesterday and steered them your way

Tony C said...

We had four at Maddies this morning.

Chris V said...

It truly was an Ice Bike to Work this morning. Coming home was a Sweaty bike ride with temps approaching 50.

Looks like Hartford was the largest city in the International Ice Bike to Work.

Enjoyed the breakfast and conversation at Maddies. Thanks for setting it up. See you all at the Sled Derby in Elizabeth Park :)