Saturday, April 28, 2012

Couldn't ask for a better day aka Tony rode the furthest

Today was the De Tour de Connecticut (this is where it went) and a higher power decided to give it the greatest weather ever. Unlike last year, I drove out to it and was on time. Of course, nothing can ever be that perfect, so I forgot my pump in the car. I rode back to retrieve it and gave myself an extra mile or so. The pace started quick, so I thought I wouldn't catch anyone until Willimantic or so, but I started catching friends with whom to ride a little bit before the Bolton Notch. Eventually I caught the main group out in Coventy or Andover or some place like that.

We rode and rode. This year's route had more dirt, provided by a slight different (and better, I'd say) route, and a muffin stop. I cannot stress how good of a time I had, even though though my lead group bona fides were dashed when I bonked going up Champion Hill. I guess Jesse and Salem are the true hardmen. Also, I need to pack more food.

But anyway, thanks to Salem for putting together an awesome ride.

And, Tony rode to the ride!


dougyfresh said...


wish I could have joined you guys but I was riding west to race on Sunday.

Tony C said...

I'm curious how many finished the full route?

Was a swell ride!

Brendan said...

I don't think anyone will ever know.

Though, judging by the cars in the lot when we returned, only a few of those belonged to our crew.

Tony C said...

We'll never know who may have disappeared into SE CT never to return....