Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When there's something to blog...

...I'm usually too busy to blog. Definitely too busy busy to take pictures, so this post will be attended by the inky blackness of night.

To begin, I moved to Manchester and have already found some new trails that I hope to integrate into some future ridiculous ride. Speaking of which, some people actually showed up for the second (and first advertised) Detour de Connecticut, and some are even still on speaking terms with me, so another success in my book.

I also broke a frame. Being the piss-ant little thing that I am, that is a pretty rare happening, as I tend not to stress things much, but with nary a noise, the back end of my mountain bike started feeling wobbly. Turns out I had put a crack clean through the rear dropout. I walked out of the woods and finished the ride with a piece of roadside-found-leash helping hold everything together. Sort of felt like riding a rear suspension bike.

With the move, I've also been working on the digs, and highlights of bike-transported materials include a 8 foot pine plank and and a 40"x32" mirror (luckily I avoided the hex of 7 years bad luck). I am, however, going to whuss out on the washing machine and enlist the help of a friend with his pickup truck. A small portion of the move has happened by bike though. Yippee.


Damian said...

The inky blackness of night is AWESOME!!!

Congrats on finding a place you like in Manchester. For some reason I was afraid, very afraid that you were in Vernon.

Brendan said...

which bike?

Salem said...

The orange-a-tang bike.

Brendan said...

That's too bad. You liked that one.

Damian said...

Was that the one you rode at last year's deTour? I liked looking at that color.

I remember a mystery noise coming from somewhere on the bike. Did you ever figure out where that noise was coming from?

Elena said...

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