Saturday, February 5, 2011

The sporting life


If you're a sporting enthusiast, times are difficult. The snow is sharp, slippery and painful and covering basketball courts, singly tracks, baseball diamonds, shuffle puck stadiums, xc country skiing routes and the roads are narrow and angry. Despite these difficulties and the 32 degree rainy weather, I met Salem for a ride today. He believed that trains plowed and compacted the snow, so we should ride on train tracks. This may sound dangerous and stupid, because it is. But, trains are loud and have those whistles. We didn't die and his theory was mostly correct. We rode from near Governors Blvd in East Hartford to the South Windsor line and rarely punched through. It was pretty cool. Then we milled around for a bit and road some East Hartford sidewalk singletrack along Forbes road up to the Glastonbury line. We parted ways and I went home over the Charter Oak Bridge; thinking that it'd be impassable, but someone plowed it!

Snowblowing the roof on to another part of the roof

Plowed bridge


Damian said...

Awesome post. You guys are heroes. Gamblers & Heroes.

How fast would you say you were riding? Exploration pace? Enterprise lick? Andante?

Brendan said...

Between andante & expedition. Sometimes we sped up, but that was a lot of work.