Friday, February 25, 2011


Iconoclasm. We've all had it.

Announcing the next CATALOGUE: Saturday, February 26, Kevjn Kelly, Iconoclasm

56 Arbor Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Suite # 308

This event is a video installation based on the painting The Swing and, though video is finite, Kevjn's wraps around itself and makes me think of a spirograph, which makes finite images too, however infinite and true the splatters of color, information, interpretations, definitions, explanations, and patterns seem to be. It's a relief that we can enter Kevjn's installation from any perspective (though, to be clear, there's only one door into the space. It's a regular door). Kevjn is an experimental director and inquisitive artist - come see what he's doing, interpret what he's doing. There will also be drinks in the space, to drink, and things to read and people to meet. This is a CATALOGUE event - we are very very ready to get 2011 underway.

CATALOGUE is a venue for events, a network for artists, and a workshop for ideas. It is a collaboration between artist, curator, community, and space. It is created and maintained by Joe Saphire and Nick Rice.

Contact us for directions or questions:, and please pass this announcement along to those we might have missed.

It's a been a few months and I miss my old friend Catalogue. Also, Catalogue is rated one of the 25 best things to do in Hartford.


Salem said...

You mean the Eels didn't make the list of best things to do in Hartford? That just completely discredits the Avocate!

Brendan said...

Not enough free soup during the ride.