Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uncertain of the ironic value

Tomorrow, I turn 26 and you what that means: I have to get a new drivers license. So, this morning I went over to the DMV in Wethersfield. There's no reason for me to drive a car to Wethersfield, because it's nearby, so I rode my bike. As you can probably imagine, there aren't any bike racks at the DMV and people give you sidelong glances if you go to the motor vehicles' department with a non-motorized vehicle. Or maybe, the sidelong glances were because they thought I was getting my license reinstated after a DWI. Who knows?

My feet, waiting briefly before the head got its picture taken.

Further, if the government can make the DMV as effecient as they have, they can totally do health care. Damn! The whole thing took like six minutes. That's way faster than it was last time when I went to AAA. My pictures doesn't even look half bad.

One other bonus was that I was down at the end of Wethersfield Ave during working hours, so I could take the cool flood control cut through.


murbike said...

Looks like they took the gate off of the tunnel.

Last time we went through there this summer, there was a gate.

My brother had his multitool, though, and we just unbolted the latch, opened it, and rebolted it.

Brendan said...

the gate opens during business hours. it was a hunch that a friend of mine had and it was corroborated by a guy working at the oil company next door.

murbike said...

Makes sense - we rode through on a Sunday

Brendan said...

I'll see if I can use my immense pull with DPW and have it open all the time. The way the bike lanes are painted down South Meadows leads one to believe that it's an intended routed (through the tunnels and levees)