Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wavy rim requires
Many twists of the spoke wrench
Truth is now beauty

Building my new ride
Odd, oversized parts require
Trips to the tool store

Rear derailleur works
Shifts perfectly every time
Front one won't comply

Three rims befuddle
Three different diameters
All "26 inch"

My bike needed parts
I found many on ebay
And now I am broke


Anonymous said...

Hey 'statement! Sorry I didn't have the wrench you needed the other day. Happy bike building.

Interstatement said...

I needed a skinny 23mm open end, which is kind of obscure as wrenches go. I ended up buying a Craftsman wrench at Sears yesterday evening and grinding the open end a bit skinnier- worked beautifully. If you ever need such a tool, you know where to find it.