Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Eel postponement

Hello! I have decided to postpone the proposed Eel by a week. There are some people who can't do it the day I picked and I have a potential conflict that day, too.

So, let's switch to Nov. 13 instead. Still a Sunday, still same details. It even allows you to do a ride I heard about it in New Haven on Saturday the 12th.


Marko Pavela said...

It's going to rain on the 13th. Do it on the 20th.

bikeculturetheory said...

I agree with Marko. I am going to be in NYC that Sunday :( :( :(

bikeculturetheory said...

and i'm planning on doing the bandit cross race in hyland that weekend....let's coordinate and put hartford over the top once and for all!

Brendan said...

Two things in one weekend is a lot of things.

Justin is away too many weekends for me to conform to his schedule. Is Marko going to be around the 20th?

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