Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rain feet

It's raining today and in copious amounts. I have a rain coat and I have fenders, but that doesn't prevent my shoes, then socks and then feet from getting wet. I hate spending a day with wet shoes and socks. I have some giant muck boots, but they're awfully huge.

So, I had an epiphany this morning: I'll forgo socks altogether and ride in flip flops. They dry quickly and allow my feet to try quickly. This plan may not work all year or in situations where flip flops are a tad informal. Also, I did end up slightly more of Hartford's road grit between my toes than I would typically like.

I know Grant Petersen rides in knock-off Crocs, but I still have some self-respect, so I don't do that.


Tony C said...

But sandal solution fails when it's 60F in the morning, but 30F on your ride home. Unless you are smart and keep backup shoes at work. ;)

Tony C said...

And I also have a pair of those neoprene muck boots. They are awesome!