Monday, January 20, 2014

Why is it Bash Bish?

I went for a hike yesterday with Johanna and Marko in the vicinity of Bash Bish Falls upon the Taconic Trail. For someone reason, everyone I know, myself included, always wants to call "Bash Bish" "Bish Bash". My theory is that "bish bash" rhymes with "splish splash" which is sort of a waterfall sound. Upon googling Bash Bish, the legend behind the name involves capital punishment for trumped-up adultery charges, witch accusations and suicide. It's quite depressing.

I have some limited experience hiking on the Taconic Trail sort of near here on Brace Mountain. Johanna and I actually rode our bikes up it once on our most epic mountain bike adventure ever. We rode on the multi-use trail. It seemed that it was seldom a multi-used trail, because hikers were pretty surprised to see people on bikes, not in a "go away" sense, more in a confused sense.

Anyway, this rambling mess I'm writing here is vaguely premised as a way to post some nice pictures of the hike we went on yesterday.

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