Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top 10 list

Connecticut Magazine and Hartford Magazine publish these stupid lists that rank towns in the area. As you can imagine, Hartford is always at the bottom of the list because everyone hates us. I used to think that if there was a list about rampant ATV use in public parks, Hartford would be right at the top. Sure, Tolland and bunch of places east of the river make a valiant effort, we're the best around here. Then yesterday, Salem and I were riding on that new bike path in Glastonbury. It's a very Glastonbury feeling bike path: well kept bridges, pine trees, some lights at the beginning, etc. It's not one of those Hartford or East Hartford bike paths next to an interstate highway. Well, what did we see, but crazy ATV tracks everywhere. Gravel spit all over the path, the hills on the sides totally torn up. This wasn't an ATV that took one lap of the path, this guy was out there fucking stuff up for awhile.

Geez, Glastonbury, can't we have our one thing?

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