Saturday, May 18, 2013

If I fall into the drink, I will say your name before I sink

I have prided myself on not falling out of boats. Once in ninth grade, I was trying to flirt with this girl from East Granby. We were both part of this regional marine ecology thing called River to Sea for high school students. The kick off event involved camping at Peoples State Forest and then a canoe trip down to that outfitter right above Satan's Kingdom. I told her that she should canoe with me because I'm good at canoeing and we won't capsize. I was true to my word. We canoed just fine and had a lot of fun. Every other canoe at some point expelled its passengers- even the one with the cocky Boy Scout. We im'ed each other a bit and every went on a date to see a ska/funk band called Neoteric at the Simsbury teen center, Crossroads (I don't know why it's called Crossroads, because it's not at an intersection, it's on Iron Horse Boulevard near People's Choice Pizza. I had thought it was closed, but I googled it and it seems like things have been happening there and you can check in to it on foursquare. (I don't know why anyone would want to check into anything on foursquare ever.)) You may think I'm a great big dork for going to a teen center in my life. You'd be right. I believe that is one of two times I went there. The other was to see Wayward, the most famous band at Avon High, which featured a science teacher, who decided to get quit teaching my senior year to follow his dreams of being a rock star.

Ed. note: I forgot to finish the above paragraph when I wrote this last night.

Today, I got in a kayak today and went down and up the Farmington River in Avon. It's probably the nicest part of Avon. I went from the Old Farms bridge down to the ponds at the Nod Brook Wildlife Management Area, where I portaged into those ponds, and then turned around and came back to Fisher Meadows.

That's where I fell in. I was getting out and I lost my balance and fell in.

This bridge doesn't look so good. Don't golf at Blue Fox Run.

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