Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nobody loves us in the winter

Seems like the BeatBikeBlog only gets a quarter of the page hits in the winter.  What's up with that you fickle nancies?  Perhaps we write worse in the cold weather.  Too cold to type.

Anyway.  To instigate some year round bicycle goodness I've started back up a monthly Icebike to Work on the East side of the river.  At Maddies, across the street from Pratt & Whitney on Main Street, four year round bike commuters met on November 20th.  The bikes locked up front clearly confused the regulars.  An enjoyable time was had hashing on about lights, runny noses, and such.  We'll be meeting again the morning of December 12th (a Wednesday) at 7:00AM if anyone else would like to stop in for some breakfast or a coffee.  You don't have to be from P&W.  All are welcome here.

Bike Walk Connecticut is keeping up the bike advocacy momentum into the winter with their Annual Dinner, which will be held on Thursday, November 29th at Central Connecticut State University.  If you wanted to get tickets, but didn't, it's probably too damn late.  With 150 bike loving friends and a huge silent auction (great deals yo!) I'm pretty excited.  I'll be sharing a table of 10 with some pretty awesome people.

And Brendan is bringing it to the streets (and trails) with the Return of the Eel.  Get your bike out.  Season schmeason.  We'll be riding on Saturday!


Brendan said...

It gets fewer page views because there are fewer posts.

SiouxGeonz said...

Yea, fewer posts -- oh, and maybe I'm out riding instead of surfing...

adventure! said...

Hey, I check in when you guys post something. Gotta keep tabs on what goes on in Hartford somehow.

Also, write more stuff.

Tony C said...

That's no excuse Sue, but I know you're a year rounder.

Chris Tetro said...

Enfield to HFD every day multi-modal. bike to bus to bike ..repeat. Other than the 4 bikes I see at Travelers and the one kid that gets off the bus i get on (with bmx bike) I never see bikes.I think CT winter cyclists are fictional trolls under bridges.

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