Monday, September 10, 2012

Very slow ride

Some years ago, erstwhile beat bike blogger El Presidente de Chine (de Cine?) wrote about riding slowly. People were way into it. I don't own a Raleigh 20 folding bike, so I was unable to get into it. I wish I owned a folding bike, because I'd like something that I could take on an Amtrak train. Johanna has this old JC Higgins kid's banana seat bike in Vermont that makes me ride slow, but in addition to being very hard to ride  farther than a mile, the tires are always exploding. So, I don't ride it very much.

I do like the idea of going slow. I mean, if you've seen me race, you've seen me go slow. I also like walking slowly. I canoe slowly. When I grill things, it usually takes four hours.

So, to add that ethos to a bike ride, I decided that I should go fishing in the middle of it. This is distinct from riding to a place to go fishing, this is fishing during a bike ride. I rode 15 miles yesterday in 3 1/2 hours. Very slow!

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Heart Rate Monitor said...

I am usually not very fond of slow running, but it is good to watch others do it :)