Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where have I been?

The beat bike blog means a lot to me. Riding a bike means more. So, I've been pressed for time as of late and I haven't been writing my usual awesomely philosophical blog posts. Actually, I never wrote those.

I blame the fascinating world of being an intern. It's been busy and I have computer access that limits me from blogging. I have been riding a bike and it's been nice. Exotic locations, like Vermont and Cape Cod. Rides where I wore knickers. Rides where I got lost on moose trails. Etc.

However, I remembered today that I could blog from my phone. Maybe I'll try that some more, but does anyone really miss me?


Tony C said...

Aw. We miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I try to read your stuff when I can. But I ride New Haven area, and haven't been able to get up to Hartford.

Tony C said...

Anonymous. Your logic escapes me.

Brendan said...

You have to read Hartford blogs in Hartford.

Everybody knows that.