Monday, July 11, 2011

Putnam update

Semi-apropos to my post earlier, since I rode under the Putnam Bridge on my way to the ferry. That fellow at the DOT wrote back to those of us who emailed him. It adds a glimmer of hope for those who want to ride across the Putnam Bridge legally.

Hi Mr. Mahoney. Thanks for the e-mail. The Department is in the process of evaluating widening the Putnam Bridge to include a pedestrian crossing. At this point, there are many issues to overcome to make this a viable option. First, we need to further evaluate the bridge to determine how wide a sidewalk we can put on. I'm not sure at this point we can obtain a "bikeway". We are looking at a walkway in the area of +/- 6 feet on one side of the bridge. The cost of modifications to the bridge in order to support a walkway is in the area of $7 to $10 million. We have not identified this funding.

The other issue is the cost of developing the approaches. This cost is not included in the above figure. There are a multitude of issues with developing the approaches, including funding, access for those with disabilities (ADA), wetlands, and others.

The Department has reached out to the Towns of Glastonbury and Wethersfield to coordinate a stakeholder meeting in the near future to discuss access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Thanks again for your e-mail.



Tony C said...

Maybe they could put a bike / ped crossing underneath the bridge deck? Now that would be innovative!

Brendan said...

that's already there.

and, it's terrifying

Tony C said...

They' re holding another public info session on the Rt. 3 bridge on Aug 10th (Wed) at the Glastonbury Riverfront Community Center. 300 Welles St. 7pm. If you can't make it you can email Tim Fields ( Spread the word!