Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hartford backcountry skiing extreme!!!!

As you may have noticed, it snowed yesterday. Since I've recast myself as a skier, I decided to do some awesome skiing. Initially, to get in my car and ski outside of Hartford, but driving was quite difficult for most of yesterday. So, I decided to ski out my front door.

At first, I was skiing on the roads, which wasn't too bad because tracks had been worn in my a few trucks. But, the roads ended and I ventured into the wilds of Cedar Mountain. It was extreme in the difficult sense. However, 2 feet of snow certainly makes Hartford seem like secret wilderness. It was pretty cool.


Damian said...

That looks awesome.
Did you catch a lot of speed going down Jordan Lane west of Russell Road?

Brendan said...

Not at the beginning, but it was plowed from the wood chip depositorium on down. Though I got a little bit of speed, it was freshly plowed, so it was right up against the snow bank.